Vitali Construction Inc. has an edge on the competition:

  • We bring fresh, money saving ideas to the project before the plans are finalized.
    We can find flaws in the plans and address them before they cost you money. Each project has its own tweaks and we take the time to find them.
  • Starting from the foundation
    We laser level and grout our sill plates. This process guarantees a solid, level floor and that load points are properly carried to the foundation. This process also reduces house settling and drywall cracking in the future.
  • We work with the lumber companies directly to schedule deliveries and do take-offs.
    Getting us on board early on eliminates surprises such as shortages, missing items and unnecessary material overages.
  • We use circular saws to cut our lumber.
    Unlike some of our competition, we do not use chainsaws to cut our lumber.
  • We guarantee a squeak-free floor.
    We stand by our sub-floor installing methods and will address any squeaks found should you find any.
  • We will be on-site during inspections.
    We want to make sure everything passes inspection and that deficiencies are corrected in a timely fashion.
  • We’re fully licensed and insured
    Put your mind at ease and let us handle it.
  • We run an efficient operation
    Running efficiently allows us to stay very competitive with our pricing schedule